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Woman kicks out teen server at her wedding for inappropriate outfit


Bride kicks teen server OUT of wedding for wearing ‘too much eyeliner’ and ‘inappropriate’ clothes – so is she wrong?

  • A bride has asked if she was wrong by kicking a server out of her wedding
  • The women thought the teen server wore ‘too much eyeliner’
  • She had a ‘flash’ ring and nose and ear studs, a low cut top and tight pants
  • The woman threatened to call the police because she didn’t want to be outdone







A bride has asked if she’s ‘wrong’ for kicking a 19-year-old server out of her marriage for her ‘distracting’ appearance.

On Reddit, the bride said the teen was wearing “too much eyeliner” and was angry because she had a “flashy” ring, diamond studs in her ears, a button up her nose, a low-cut top and tight pants.

The disgruntled bride complained to the manager several times and eventually had her removed from the venue altogether.

A bride has asked if she's 'wrong' for kicking a teen server out of her wedding for her 'distracting' appearance

A bride has asked if she’s ‘wrong’ for kicking a teen server out of her wedding for her ‘distracting’ appearance

“After the wedding photos, we went to our cocktail hour, and then I saw her,” the woman wrote.

“My guests were all told to wear dark colors so my husband and I stood out, I also asked my guests to wear minimal makeup. I had assumed that this also applied to the staff.’

She said the 19-year-old female server had “clearly too much eyeliner.”

“She wore diamond studs in her ears, a flashy ring and one of those ugly nose studs. The staff uniform was a black long-sleeved shirt, but it was cut too low and her pants were way too tight.’

“When the boss came out, I pointed to the server and asked to treat her because she was super distracting. The boss apologized and called the server back to the kitchen,” the woman explained.

“Not an hour later, the waiter was again serving food for dinner. I called the boss again and asked if the server could work in the back or go home.

Her boss said they were short on staff so she would see what could be done… after a few hours she reappeared behind the bar.

“I called the boss one last time and said if the server didn’t go away, I’d call the police. The boss finally gave in and told the girl to go home,” she said.


Was the bride wrong?

  • Yes! 621 votes
  • No! 106 votes

The woman’s family was divided over the case. Her husband and mother-in-law think she was acting “crazy” and “probably fired a poor student for nothing.”

But her mother and bridesmaid said it was her wedding and she can do whatever she wants.

“It’s my wedding and I don’t want anyone to shine on me too much and the server needs to know she’s working and don’t dress up like that. I feel a little bad because she was still quite young.’

Thousands of people have commented on the thread; the majority think the bride is wrong.

‘She threatened to call the police! Because a person showed up and did his job. Can you imagine that conversation! What universe would the police show up in to arrest a person doing his job wearing jewelry and having *checks* with boobs,” one said.

“She spent her own wedding thinking that a young server in a uniform may have outdone her. What a waste of energy,” said another Reddit user.

“Marriage is not an excuse to abuse waiters,” said one woman.