Marianne Williamson blasts Karine Jean-Pierre for ‘personal potshots’ after ‘aura’ comment

Democratic presidential nominee Marianne Williamson has denounced White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments as “low” and “ridiculous” — as well as misogynistic — after she mocked the declared main rival of President Biden.

The self-help author unloaded Biden’s spokeswoman in a Twitter message online, a day after Jean-Pierre deviated from her usual norms of abstaining from politics on the White House podium — apparently mocking Williamson when asked to comment on her candidacy, with a response that included a crystal ball and a called ‘aura’.

She went after Jean-Pierre by name, defending her right as a woman to run a primaries against Biden — even recalling Biden’s own vow to fire anyone on his team who spoke disrespectfully of others.

“I was so sad to see the comments from the President’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, about me about crystal balls – which I have never spoken or written about, and auras – which I have never spoken or written about — and just talk so mockingly and in such distinctive terms about someone running for president of the United States,” she said. “And as a woman, and this is the Democratic Party?”

The clash came days after Williamson announced her decision to challenge Biden. Williamson, who appeared to be speaking from her home, continued: “I have a constitutional right to run and my candidacy is about issues of substance and policy. I’ve made it clear interview after interview that the president is a nice man and that I’m not interested in personal pot shots.’

Democratic presidential nominee Marianne Williamson hit back at White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for “low” and “mocking” comments about her and her campaign

“But apparently the White House, at least as Karine put it, doesn’t share my commitment to the high ground,” she said.

“The hypocrisy here is something we can all see.”

She then brought up Biden’s pledge, which came on the heels of a former President Trump who regularly ridiculed his opponents and attacked the media as “fake news.”

“Because the president said on his first day in office that anyone in his administration who spoke disrespectfully of anyone would be fired on the spot. I hope Karine Jean-Pierre does not lose her job because of this. But I do hope that from now on this low, mocking story about me was clearly intended to take me out of the conversation. I hope this path has not been followed. It’s not good for any of us. It’s not good for America. It is not good. For the Democratic Party,” she said.

She then raised the possibility that the excavations could be an attack on religious people or on women who speak “out of turn.”

“People are watching and I hope everyone watching realizes this isn’t just about me. They don’t just tell me to – psh, get out like I’m dropping her off like a mosquito. It’s about you. It’s about everyone who, first of all, I think, has some faith and takes faith seriously, or is it about every woman who speaks out of turn? Don’t know. That’s up to you to decide. But whatever it is, I hope we stop this kind of nonsense. It’s not good for any of us,” she concluded.

Her backlash came about 24 hours after Jean-Pierre slammed President Joe Biden’s first and, for now, only Democratic challenger on Monday, saying she had no “crystal ball” to deliberate on the issue.

It’s a phrase Jean-Pierre has used before in other contexts, but it took some extra force when it was used in reference to Williamson, a self-help author and spiritual advisor who has attracted attention for the emotional language she uses on the political scene. brings.

Then Jean-Pierre joked that she could “feel her aura” – suggesting that her comments about the main rival were no coincidence.

Williamson, who launched her campaign in Washington on Saturday with a call to “disrupt the system” and fight hate and injustice with love, has repeatedly denied ever speaking or writing about “crystals” or crystal worship, even though the idea is out of date. somehow become attached to her reputation.

Jean-Pierre, a former adviser to Biden’s campaign, was asked if the president was annoyed or frustrated that she intervened before announcing his own intentions. She waved the matter off. “I just don’t follow that. I mean, if I had a — what’s it called, a little globe here, a crystal ball, I can tell you. But me – a magic eight ball, whatever,” she said.

“If I can feel her aura — I just have no say in that,” she said, cackling audibly in the White House briefing room.

The sparring came days after Williamson launched her primary challenge to Biden on Saturday

The sparring came days after Williamson launched her primary challenge to Biden on Saturday

The sparring came days after Williamson launched her primary challenge to Biden on Saturday

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre first dodged a question about President Biden’s response to primary challenger Marianne Williamson — then said she didn’t have a “magic eight ball” in a likely dig at the self-help author

The comment came a day after Williamson vowed to adopt a political system she said was out of touch with ordinary Americans and an economic system she called “sociopathic.”

She took on the so-called “adults in the room” in the national system who she said wanted others to “go and let them take care of things” — a reference to her own non-traditional resume for high political office .

Jean-Pierre often shows great caution on political issues and often invokes the Hatch Act – as she did on Monday when asked about former President Donald Trump.

Not long after Jean-Pierre’s comment, Williamson’s campaign announced a six-day tour of New Hampshire that would take her from Portsmouth to Londonderry, Manchester and beyond.

Jean-Pierre's comment sparked laughter in the press room (reporters pictured at the White House last week)

Jean-Pierre's comment sparked laughter in the press room (reporters pictured at the White House last week)

Jean-Pierre’s comment sparked laughter in the press room (reporters pictured at the White House last week)

Williamson did not directly attack Biden in her comments.

A new poll by Morning Consult showed that Biden received 77 percent support among Democrats — but Williamson received 4 percent support.

Another 9 percent favored “someone else,” in a poll conducted after Williamson’s announcement, which drew modest press attention.

Biden has yet to announce his own campaign, but first lady Jill Biden gave the impression of running in a recent interview, and has repeatedly said he intends to do so.

On Friday, environmental activist and vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to a crowd in New Hampshire that he was considering a run.

“I’m thinking about it, yes. I’ve passed the biggest hurdle, that my wife gave me the green light,” said the son of slain Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was running as a presidential candidate.

Biden has done much to court the left of his party to avoid a potential primary challenge. But the DNC’s decision to put the South Carolina primary ahead of New Hampshire offers opponents a potential venue to get political oxygen. That could happen if New Hampshire decides to hold its primary anyway, as required by state law, and Biden declines to run.