Filmmaker mode on LG OLED TVs may be getting a massive HDR upgrade

Movie fans who subscribe to the best streaming services the likes of Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney Plus could soon get an upgrade to the Filmmaker Mode image preset that will allow them to experience movies on their TV with the same level of quality as the movie’s director intended.

That news came during a session LG held last week to give TV critics an up-close look look at the new G3 OLED TV. The proceedings included a briefing by Mike Zink of the UHD Alliance, an industry group that includes members from the consumer electronics, technology and Hollywood manufacturing communities. While Zink mainly gave an overview of the group’s activities, he also said a Dolby Vision Filmmaker mode is in the pipeline for TV manufacturers to implement. To understand why that’s important, let’s first discuss Filmmaker Mode and why It is important.

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