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Donald Trump says King Charles III ‘gets great with him’


Donald Trump says King Charles III ‘gets along well’ and calls Queen Consort Camilla ‘absolutely sweet’ in interview with GB News

  • Donald Trump praised King Charles III for his ‘agenda’ and ‘strong view of things’
  • Former US president thinks Charles will do ‘very well’ as king
  • Trump also called Queen Consort Camilla ‘absolutely sweet’







Donald Trump believes King Charles III is “good for him” and Queen Consort Camilla is “absolutely nice” while praising Britain’s latest leaders.

The former US president, who claimed to know the king “very well,” said the new monarch has “an agenda” and “a strong view of things.”

Mr Trump predicted that Charles would do “very well” as king, echoing a statement he made about new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

He also praised Ms. Truss for following a tax cut agenda.

Donald Trump believes King Charles III is “good for him” and Queen Consort Camilla is “absolutely sweet” while praising Britain’s newest rulers. He is pictured with then-Prince Charles in June 2019

Trump said during an interview with GB News on Tuesday that the king has “an agenda” and a “strong view of things” when asked about the royal family’s opinion on environmentalism in England.

“Well, I think he’s going to be different now,” Trump said.

‘I know him very well, very well. And I spent a lot of time with him when I was there as president. And with his wife, who was very sweet by the way, and we had a nice time together.

“And I, you know, so I’m a little biased when I say it, but, you know, he had a strong take on things.

“Probably hard when you’re the king, you want 100 percent of the people to love you like the queen did. The Queen had – everyone loved her, right? She had no such agenda.

“And yet, you know, she was a very strong woman. I also got to know her. She was a very strong woman, a great woman. I think Charles is going to do very well. I think he has a great way about him.”

He said, ‘I’ve cut taxes a lot and we’ve done a lot more business and she’s done that.

“And I know she got a few hits for it, which actually surprises me, but you might have bigger earnings at the end of the day, it’s going to be really interesting.

“What she did is quite the opposite of what some people thought. But that doesn’t mean they were right. I have a feeling she might be right.’